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About Us

We started our Nut business at one of the local Farmers Markets almost 10 years ago.

How it began..

I had a love of just about anything Cinnamon coated and a crazy obsession to Walnuts. One night I decided I'd combine the two ingredients together and find out what my family thought of my new recipe. The Cinnamon Walnuts were a hit with my family and since they were so yummy, we decided we'd share them with our friends. Shortly after, we began getting calls and people placing orders for their weekly fix of our newly concocted Cinnamon Walnuts. Due to the constant orders coming in, we thought it would be fun to sell our nuts at the local Farmers Market on the weekends.

And so off we went to try our luck at selling the Cinnamon Walnuts at the market and every weekend we'd sell out! People kept on coming back for our Cinnamon Walnuts and we just continued providing more unique flavours until we had expanded our product line to five major core products and these are..

Honey Roasted Cashews, Coconut Curry Cashews, Sweet n Spicy Almonds, Cinnamon Walnuts and Vanilla Macadamia.

I believe our success comes from a love of food, nutrition, spices and a passion of wanting to give people something they've never tasted before. We want people to know that there is a more healthier alternative way to eating snacks, and the health benefits are incredible.

A big thank you goes out to all of our fans and lovers of our products. It is because of your continued commitment to us that we're able to provide our freshly roasted nuts to you.

Nutlicious is a healthier alternative to eating snacks. Unlike others who just sell nuts, we actually roast and flavour our nuts on daily basis! 

"They're fresh, yummy and addicting" that's what we've been told by our returning loyal customers.

Our nuts are Gluten Free, have no preservatives and are an ideal afternoon snack :)